Volunteer Village is a place for leaders of volunteer engagement across the globe to share our stories about the impact of volunteers, the vital nature of our roles and why our organisations, governments and communities should support and resource effective and transformative volunteer management.  A place where we can create our own global village.

Our skill set is so unique, our backgrounds so varied, our specialities as vast as you can imagine.  Connecting with other leaders of volunteer engagement has been the most significant tool I have used to grow, learn and transform as a professional. I hope that by encouraging global connections between volunteer leaders and learning from each another we can continue to strengthen the impact and visibility of our profession so we can truly harness the gifts and passion of the thousands and thousands of volunteers around the world we support and engage.

Volunteer Village is not just a place for me to share my stories... I really hope to feature stories from you so we can learn from one another and create a community of practice.  I am looking forward to getting to know you.

TRACEY O'NEILL Volunteer Engagement Specialist

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